Another Arrest for Child Porn in Sarasota

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Another man was arrested over the weekend for possession of child pornography here in Sarasota.

More and more men are being arrested as a result of a new “spider” crawling the Internet looking for known images of child pornography being transmitted. When Google or some other provider identifies an IP address as having received or sent an illegal kiddie porn image, the police now have a program that will come into your computer without your knowledge and download items in your computer. This is true if you use certain file sharing programs. What people do not know is that even if you have the “sharing” disabled, every time you turn your computer on, it defaults to “file sharing”. The police have an application that is basically constantly “knocking” at your computers door.

The second you turn your computer on, the program defaults to “sharing” and the police begin downloading items from your computer.

The best way to not get arrested is to not commit a crime.

Do not download or view child pornography, even out of curiosity.

The penalties are incredibly harsh.

As a sex crime defense lawyer, I was shocked to learn that the police could come into your computer uninvited and without your knowledge. There is a genuine issue as to whether or not this is an illegal warrantless search. Their position is that if you use a file sharing program, you have consented. This issue will ultimately be resolved in the Courts. I have suspected for years that images may be transmitted by law enforcement. Child pornography cases are tough to defend and a good lawyer has to be on his or her game to stay current with law enforcement techniques.

If a loved one has been arrested for possession or transmission of child pornography and you would like to talk to an experienced child pornography defense attorney, feel free to call 941 366 3506 for a confidential free consultation. I can also visit your loved one in jail. Keep in mind, anything you say on a jail phone is being recorded. Never discuss the facts of a case over the phone with anyone in custody. They are listening and recording every word

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Child Pornography and the Internet

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Viewing, downloading or sexually explicit images or kiddie porn can get you arrested and put you in State Prison or Federal Prison for many years. Many people do not understand how computers store information, particularly when it comes to sexually explicit images of minors.
If you accidentally download child pornography, what do you do? Hitting the delete button will not remove it from your computer. It simply removes the history or directory to the image. The highly illegal image is moved to the “unallocated space” section of your hard drive where it can later be recovered by law enforcement forensic experts. There are a few golden rules. First, never take your computer to law enforcement. They will probably arrest you for possession of child pornography. Never attempt to send the image somewhere else. It does not get it off your computer and you may get charged with transmission of child pornography. Never take it to a computer shop like Bests or some local computer expert. They will report you to the FBI or the police.
One possibility is to re-format your hard drive or re-write over all the unallocated space. There are commercial software programs that can accomplish this.
The FBI and the sheriffs department regularly monitor activity in P2P file sharing services. If you visit sites like Limewire or Frostwire and accidentally download kiddie porn you for sure don’t want to get charged with possession or transmission of child pornography.
Not all criminal defense attorneys understand computers and the internet. As a sex crime defense lawyer I have questioned and cross-examined law enforcement forensics experts. You may be able to show that it was an accident or unintentional act. Do not become a registered sex offender for life.
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