More Arrests Coming of Possession of Child Porn in Florida

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Law enforcement all across Florida has geared up and is now aggressively pursuing child pornography investigations, particularly cases involving peer to peer file sharing applications. They are now using modern computer technology to document and track kiddie porn to each and every computer. Innocent people can find themselves under investigation even if they have not done anything wrong. There is a problem with Comcast Infinity. Did you know that Comcast now makes your home a public “hot spot”? Take a look at the Comcast Infinity commercial now running on television. They advertise “millions of hot spots”. This is a huge problem for the general public. If your IP address is a public “hot spot”, a neighbor or even someone parked on the street can access child pornography using your IP address and to the police, it looks like it is coming or going to your house.
All Child pornography images have “hash values”. Law enforcement has identified thousands of existing images by these hash values. If a computer sends or receives a video or a photograph of child pornography, that fact is recorded and now law enforcement, using advanced technology can track incoming and outgoing images directly to households. For all you know, a member of your household could be viewing illegal images without your knowledge. They can view internet child pornography delete it and it is still on your computer. Your next door neighbor could be using your IP address without your knowledge and before you know it, the Sheriff or the FDLE will be at your door. There is a major push going one right now coming down on possession of internet child pornography, downloading child pornography and viewing internet child pornography in Manatee, Sarasota and Lee Counties and over the next several months there are going to be a lot of arrests. Do not become an innocent victim.
In America, you have the right to remain silent and the police are supposed to advise you of your rights. They get around this by tricking you into talking and not telling you about this important right. Never submit to a police questioning without talking to a lawyer first. The truth will not set you free and what you say can be twisted and deemed to be an admission. If you think you are under investigation for possession of child pornography or transmission of child pornography or if a loved one has been arrested on a possession of child pornography charge, call today for a free consultation with an experienced Sex Crimes Attorney : Sarasota 941 366 3506 Bradenton 941-366-3506 and Fort Myers 239-334-8890

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Hot Spot on the Hot Seat

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Hot Spot on the Hot Seat in 2015
As Internet child pornography arrests increase in 2015, the danger of being falsely accused of child pornography increases. Did you know that your Internet Service provider, or even your cable TV provider can put you at risk? Some Internet providers like Comcast can make the modem in your house a public “hot spot” that enables neighbors and people on the street to access child porn and make it appear that the child porn site is being accessed from your address.
When law enforcement receives information that a child pornography image with a known hash value has been transmitted to or from a particular IP address, they can obtain a search warrant which results in the search of your home and possibly an arrest. This puts innocent citizens at risk of being falsely accused or possession of illegal images. There is a major push towards more and more child pornography arrests in 2015. Here in Sarasota, law enforcement has made it a high priority and the State Attorney’s office has promised vigorous prosecution for crimes related to child pornography.
Are they going to create cases in Florida and entrap people with child porn sex stings? My prediction is that the resources that were doing the horrible Internet sex stings will now be directed to child pornography sex stings. My prediction is that undercover officers on adult sites will now be engaging in chat and texting with the goal being getting someone to send videos or images of underage kids engaged in sexual conduct. As a sex sting lawyer and child pornography defense lawyer, I have been following the trend now for some months.
Deleting a video or an image does not remove it from your computer. Some people think simply hitting the delete button will remove something that has accidentally been downloaded. This simply is not true. Even the programs that claim they can remove or erase content are not really effective. Reformatting the hard drive is the only solution. If something accidentally or unintentionally ends up on your computer take steps immediately to correct the situation. Never, no never send or receive images of children engaged in sex. Curiosity killed the cat and curiosity can land you in State or Federal prison. Never allow anyone with a peer to peer sharing program to access your computer. The best way to avoid an arrest is to not commit the crime. Do not let curiosity get the best of you. As a criminal defense attorney and Child pornography sting lawyer, I am very familiar with ‘what happens next’ when accused of possession or transmitting child porn images. If you or a loved one is under investigation in Sarasota, Manatee, Pinellas, Hillsborough, Osceola, Orange, Polk, Palm Beach, Pasco, Marion or Lee counties with possession of Child Pornography or have been arrested for transmission of child pornography or If you have any questions, feel free to call, Attorney Peter D Aiken, for a free consultation at 941 366 3506

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