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As a criminal defense lawyer, over the years, I have seen people facing prison give up hope and kill themselves. Many years ago, in Ft. Lauderdale, a young man facing prison shot himself with a .22 pistol and bled out talking to 911. Listening to that call was horrific. I know of a situation in Ft. Myers where a man, jointly charged with his wife, took his own life in the mistaken belief he could take all of the blame and save his wife with a confession to the crime. Recently, I know of another person who hung himself just before court. All of the suicides were acts of desperation. People facing decades in prison are desperate. Never give up hope.

When it comes to sex crimes, some of the prosecutor’s offices have a scorched earth policy and seek maximum penalties on all sex crimes. They simply do not understand the statistics when it comes to some of the offenses. Child pornography is a good example. The prosecutors believe that if someone looks at pictures or videos, they will go on to have sex with a minor. That is simply not true. In reality, only a small fraction of people who view kiddie porn go on to act on it. Look at all the people doing basically life sentences on drug trafficking charges. Does the punishment really fit the crime? We have more people in prison in America than any other County in the world. We need to take a long close look at our laws and find alternatives to long prison sentences. Those types of sentences should be reserved for only those offenders who truly are a danger to the public. Putting a man in prison for thirty years for simply looking at pictures is barbaric. The judges need to be educated and the prosecutors need to get a better grip on reality and not pander to the public. Maybe a good start would be making the prosecutor’s office a non elected position. As a criminal defense lawyer, I see the injustices all the time. Things need to change

If you or a love one has been arrested for possession of child pornography,do not give up on them and do not give up hope. Call Attorney Peter D Aiken for a free consultation. Get answers

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Can the Military Police Conduct Internet Sex Stings?

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Can the Military Police Conduct Internet Sex Stings?
This is one of the issues that was addressed in a hearing in Pinellas County on February 19th, 2014. There is an Air Force OSI agent by the name of William Glidewell that has been working with the State in four sex stings in the last year as the Internet “chatter”. He started with the Central Florida ICAC task force administered by Sheriff Grady Judd and “chatted” first in a case in Lake County. Recently, he participated in two stings in Pinellas County as well as four Federal cases in the Tampa Division of the Middle District of Florida. Many of these men facing charges which may lead to life altering court records and future of possible Florida probation.
I have challenged his legal authority and the legality of his participation in purely “State” criminal investigations. There is a Federal Statute that was created just after the Civil War that makes it illegal for the military to conduct state criminal investigations. In the Pinellas case, Glidewell chatted with a man for two days and lured him to travel to Clearwater and did not disclose age until the man arrived outside the “take down” location. The Clearwater case also involves a motion to dismiss based on “Entrapment as a matter of law”.There was a ruling on both the Federal issue as well as the entrapment issue, call me for more information on the outcome.
The Federal Statute known as the “Posse Comitatus” law could impact a number of State cases across Florida in that Glidewell’s participation could be considered a felony violation of the Federal Law. There has never been a prosecution under the Posse Comitatus law but that does not mean that this will not be the first. It is unlikely the United States Attorney will do anything because Glidewell is a witness for them in a number of cases. Maybe the Department of Justice will get involved and bring this to a head. In the meantime, I contacted the Air Force to alert them to the fact that military investigators are not supposed to be enforcing State laws.
The Internet Sex stings are out of control and many innocent men are being entrapped by undercover officers that are actually luring and enticing them to travel to meet minors. Sex is powerful bait and the law is being abused regularly by local law enforcement. The time and effort would be better spent educating young girls about the dangers of the Internet.
If you or someone you know is facing charges after a Florida Internet Sex Sting of traveling to meet a minor, improper use of a communication device, internet solicitation of a minor, attempted child abuse or potential charges as a result of an arrest after a cyber child sex sting operation and need to talk about your options, please call me, Peter D. Aiken at 941-366-3506 today for a free consultation.
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